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2007 Minneapolis Conference Proceedings
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33rd AMATYC Annual Conference
Minneapolis, Minnesota, November 1-4, 2007

Conference Theme: Building a Better Tomorrow

  1. Departmental support for online courses (ppt), Nancy Rivers
  2. Student blogging in an online course (ppt), Jodi Cotten
  3. Connecting with your online students (ppt), Mary Beth Orrange
  4. Intelligent help? Really? At every step? (ppt), John C. Miller
  5. "Just in time" teaching and learning (ppt), Pat Kuby
  6. Technology in precalculus: The ambiguous case of Law of Sines/Cosines (ppt), Lalu Simcik
  7. Two levels of assessment to identify student learning (ppt), Carol M. Lerch
  8. The derivative as a linear transformation (doc), Wayne Roberts
  9. Using semester-long projects in statistics (ppt), Dr. Johnny Duke
  10. Mathematical investigations of current health issues (ppt); Handout (doc), Theresa Laurent
  11. Basic math: Keeping the focus on fractions (ppt); Handout (pdf), Ana Jimenez
  12. Assessment instruments at class, course, and program levels (doc), Wayne Mackey
  13. Projects for Student Assessment in Statistics (pdf), Joe Sukta
  14. Learning Disabilities Handbook (pdf), Mary Rack
  15. Online Sharing Panel (ppt); Handout (doc), Mary Beth Orrange, Rose Tan, and Pat Rhodes
  16. Basic algebra: A Comparison of Results - Hybrid vs Online (ppt), Louise Olshan
  17. Using Power Point to introduce limits (ppt), Marlow Dorrough
  18. Ingenious test review session in a developmental mathematics classroom (doc), Gowribalan Vamadeva
  19. Mathematical Ideas that Emerge from Data Collected in the Classroom (pdf); Handout 2 (pdf), Scott Adamson
  20. Reality TV Math—Teaching Rigorous Math to a Reality TV Society (ppt), Michael Sakowski
  21. Supplementing Mathematics Instruction with Technology, Dr. Claude S. Moore and Valerie Melvin
  22. Establishing consistent standards across campusses and modalities (ppt), Clark Brown and Mark Marino
  23. The Evolution of the Chalkboard: The Tablet PC (pdf), Kristi Schmid
  24. Informed self placement - Are you kidding!!!? (pdf), Bill Worpenberg
  25. Placement software for Community Colleges according to in-house developed criteria (doc), Stefan Baratto
  26. An Infusion of the Fine Arts (ppt), Barbra Steinhurst
  27. Happy Quiz—A Student Self-Assessment (doc), Connie Buller
  28. Brief Calculus: Implementing Beyond Crossroads with Excel (doc); Handout (xls), Mary D. Pearce and Sharon F. Welker
  29. Math on the web: Discussion topics to include everyone (doc), Jamie Thomas
  30. Some Mathematics of Machine Gaming Using Poker and the TI-83 (ppt), Robert Baker
  31. Discovering old topics in new ways: Polynomials and rational functions (doc), Nancy Hyde, Molly O'Neill and Julie Miller
  32. Pythagorean Triples (pdf), Sunil Koswatta
  33. MAC & QL: Many Strategies for Your Consideration (ppt), Deann Leoni and Rebecca Hartzler
  34. Reflective Abstraction and the Concept of Limit (pdf), Robert Cappetta
  35. Techniques on partial fractions (pdf), Tingxiu Wang
  36. Coping with Learning Disabilities in the College Math Classroom (pdf), Connie Buller, Linda Laine, and Kathy Rogotzke
  37. Assessment of Student Learning in a Developmental Mathematics Program (pdf), Shelli Spannring and John Savage
  38. Calculators and Placement Tests: A new proposal (pdf), Ralph Kemphaus


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