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2012 Jacksonville Conference Preceedings
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38th AMATYC Annual Conference
Jacksonville, Florida
November 8-11, 2012

Conference Theme: River-of-Knowledge, Ocean-of-Dreams


Keynote Presentations
The Missing Link: A Tale of Literary Forensics Keith Devlin
Navigating the Waters of Assessment (DOC) Diane Maldonado

Symposia & Colloquium
Y1 Why Students Need Modeling Gary Rockswold
Y2 Mathematical Modeling: The Right Courses for the Right Reasons (DOC) Sheldon P. Gordon
Y3 Modeling and Applications Workshop Sandra Poinsett, Robert Cappetta, Sheldon Gordon, Gary Rockswold

Regular Sessions
Session Title
S003 College Algebra Redesign and the AMATYC Crossroads Standards
Laura Younts
S004 Supporting the Development of Persistence, One Class at a Time
Laura Bracken
S005 Gauging the Effectiveness of Developmental Mathematics (DOC2)
Anita Polk-Conley, John Squires
S013 Projects and Assessments in Math for the Liberal Arts
Erum Marfani, Pei Taverner
S014 A Structured Approach to Inference in Introductory Statistics (DOC)
Roxy Peck
S016 Software Should Emulate Good Instructors — So Why Use Short Answers?
John C. Miller
S017 AMATYC 101
Annette Cook, Bruce Yoshiwara
S018 Spent Fuel and Circuit Gain: What’s in a Log?
Steven J. Wilson, Stephen Hayton
S020 Baseball Statistical Anniversaries: River of Knowledge, Field of Dreams!
Steve Krevisky, Patrick Riley
S023 Overcome Mathematics Anxiety in College Algebra with Group Work
Sofya Antonova
S024 The Mathematics Attic
Tom Adamson, Scott Adamson
S025 Precalculus and Calculus Projects
Jay Martin, Beth Tsai
S027 Developmental Mathematics Online: Can It Be Done Successfully?
Amy Young Rexrode
S029 Making the Ocean of Dreams a Reality: Leading a Study Abroad
Patty Amick, Cheryl Hawkins
S032 Scaling Innovation in Dev Math: Lessons from Research and Practice (DOC2)
Barbara Lontz, Susan Bickerstaff
S033 Redesigning Our Redesign — Lessons Learned
Karen Wyrick, Jennifer Minutolo
S036 Learning Challenges and Teaching Strategies for Series in Calculus (DOC)
Robert Cappetta
S043 2010 CBMS Survey of Undergraduate Programs
Rikki Blair
S047 Time Series Analysis — All You Need Is Arithmetic
Brian Smith
S050 Continuous Improvement Has Increased Success and Retention

Kristin Good, Lisa Manoukian
S051 Liberal Arts Mathematics - A Project-based Approach
Mark Roland
S053 Renaissance Mathematics (DOC2)
David Price, Elise Price
S055 Two Roads to Student Success in a Developmental Math Redesign
Curtis Mitchell, Jim Cochran
S057 The Decline of Reading Comprehension Among College Students
Paula A. Wilhite
S058 MLCS: Redesigning a New Pathway for Non-STEM Majors
Kathleen Almy, Heather Foes
S059 Math Redesign at Joliet Junior College
Michael Sullivan, Laura Egner
S061 Mastery-based, Modularized, Self-paced Courses for Student Success
Kim Tsai Granger
S065 Continuing the Journey: Improving a Site-specific Statistics Pathway
Steven Tuckey, Alana Tuckey
S066 US Math Achievement and Associated Issues of Fear & Demographics
Baruti Katembo, Reynarda Savage, Cynthia Ballinger
S067 Ready for New Life in Developmental Math? (DOC2)
Jim Sullivan, Lori Heymans
S072 Math vs English: A False Dichotomy
Edgar Fisher
S077 Green Applications in Prealgebra, Beginning and Intermediate Algebra
Mark Clark, Cynthia Anfinson
S078 Making a Math Department YouTube Channel (DOC2, DOC3, DOC4)
Denise Robichaud
S084 Marvelous Mathematics Mentors
Lorie DeMarco, Amanda Himes
S086 Lament No Longer Professor Lockhart!
Joyce Ann Menges
S087 For the Love of Linear Programming
Mari M. Peddycoart
S088 Making Mathematics Matter — Visualization Tools or Students (DOC2, DOC3)
Phoebe Lutz, Steven Rosin
S089 Avatars, Animation, and Cartoons, Oh My! (DOC2, DOC3)
L. Jeneva Moseley
S091 Accelerated Mathematics Initiatives and the College Completion Agenda
Christine Mirbaha
S093 Leading with Inspiration: Five Choices for Life Success
Steve Piscitelli
S097 Using Simulation Methods to Introduce Statistical Inference
Patti Frazer Lock, Kari Lock Morgan
S098 Activate Your Calculus Students!
Diane Koenig
S107 Using Student Work Samples to Promote Calculus Learning (DOC2)
L. Jeneva Moseley
S111 Design and Delivery of a Hybrid Differential Equations Course
Chris Oehrlein
S113 Are We There Yet? (Calculating Geographical Distances) (DOC2, DOC3)
Eric Hutchinson
S117 Inverting Your Classroom (DOC2, DOC3, DOC4, DOC5, DOC6, DOC7)
Carren Senn Walker, Joan Zoellner
S132 Open Course Library Project: Free Online Texts for Algebra to Calculus (DOC2)
Dale Hoffman, Melonie Rasmussen, David Lippman
S134 Personalizing Statistics in a Liberal Arts Curriculum
Nancy J. Rivers
S135 Ten Strategies for New (and Old) Instructors ... Algebra to Calculus
Alice Kaseberg
S136 Fun Projects to Liven Up the Classroom: Algebra to Calculus (DOC2)
Aletta Speegle
S139 College Algebra: Can Minor Changes Make a Major Difference?
Joni B. Pirnot, Mary Beth Headlee, Cathy Panik
S145 Developmental Mathematics from Our Students’ Perspective
Ann Sitomer
S147 Social Sciences Invade Algebra!
Erica Marlys Hastert, Randal S. Allison
S148 Teachers Mentoring Teachers: Not Just a Good Idea — It’s Good for You! (YouTube)
Jody DeVoe, Alison Hammack
S149 What’s an Inflection Point?
Rodger Hergert
S150 Things You Can Try to Liven Up Your Trigonometry Class
Lynette Meslinsky, David Usinski
S151 Technology and the Flipped Classroom
Evan Evans, Larry Huff
S155 Six Young Women Describe How They Conquered Their Math Anxiety
Martha Whitty
S158 Your Momma and Stats: So Much More than a Joke
Nancy Pfenning
S164 Five-step Process to Develop Contextualized Material
Hector Valenzuela
S166 Egyptian Fractions: From Ahmes to Erdös (DOC2, DOC3, DOC4)
Keven Hansen
S172 Implementing Professional Development for Your Developmental Faculty
Amy Tankersley, Suzanne Etheridge, Mary Monroe-Ellis
S176 SRL Strategies in Developmental Courses
Sandie Han, Grazyna Niezgoda
S183 Famous Monsters (YouTube)
Erum Marfani
S184 A Story of Redesign Success
Hala Nestberg
S186 Calculus Classroom Capsules
Siham Alfred
S187 Diary of a Learner-centered Teacher: Power, Peril, and Promise
Jim Rhodes, Penny Morris

Themed Sessions
Session Title Speaker(s)
T1C Achieving a 42% Increase in Placement into Credited Math Courses David Usinski
T2A Classroom-based Research Appetizers Irene M. Duranczyk
T2E Inquiry in Differential Equations: A Teacher’s Reflections Keith Nabb
T3B MLCS: One Year Later Kathleen Almy
T4A Service-Learning Projects in Math Classes Shane Tang
T4B Medication Concentration in the Bloodstream Ned Schillow
T4C Design Students Doing Mathematics Lasse Savola
T4E The Girl Scout Cookie Sales Goodness-of-Fit Test Mark Harbison

Session Title Speaker(s)
W02 Experience Singapore Math: The Current Rage Sweeping K-12 Districts (DOC2) Joyce Lindstrom
W03 Statistics for Climate Change, Global Warming, and Biodiversity Salil Kumar Das, George Perkins
W05 Inspiring Mathematical Practices in Elementary Education Courses Jennifer E. Szydlik
W07 Making Foldables with Preservice Teachers Honey Kirk, Mary Zocchi, Heidi Hunt-Ruiz
W09 Hands-on, Minds-on Teaching and Learning Ruth Collins, Mel Griffin
W15 Teaching Conceptual Understanding Through Manipulatives MaryAnne Anthony-Smith, Lynn Marece
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