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2013 Anaheim Conference Proceedings
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39th AMATYC Annual Conference
Anaheim, California
October 31 - November 3, 2013

Conference Theme: Math: There's no end to the fun!

Keynote Presentations
Math Anxiety: The Last Word
Sheila Tobias and Victor Piercey
It’s Only Days Until -Day
David Masunaga


Ignite Event Videos
1st Hour
2nd Hour



Regular Sessions
Session Title Speaker(s)
S001 Strategies to Increase Connectedness in Online Mathematics Courses Sonia Ford
S002 Accessing Meaning Through Function Stories in College Algebra
Handout #1
Handout #2
Lauretta Garrett
S003 Family and Friends Connect: Let's Discuss What’s Happening in Anaheim! Carol Murphy
S004 So You've Decided To Offer a Math Literacy Course. Now What? Brian Mercer, Dave Sobecki
S005 How to Properly Incorporate Reading Strategies for Mathematics Amber H. Rust
S006 Mathematical Modeling: An Alternative College Preparatory Course Rodney Null, Theresa Dahlinghaus, Larisa Russell
S007 Best Practices of Math Exam Scoring Frank Wilson
S008 V.E.C.T.O.R. Evan G. Evans, Larry P. Huff
S009 Teaching Mathematics with E-texts: Its Benefits and Challenges Margaret Karrass
S010 Mysteries and Histories of π Janet Teeguarden
S011 Success of Online Mathematics Lisa Lee
S012 Using Examples to Demystify Discrete Math Topics Stephen Hayton
S013 Integrating Math into Introductory Biology Melinda R. Camarillo, Violeta Chavez
S014 Faculty and Administration - A Partnership for Student Success Mark Greenhalgh, Dani Wilson
S015 Helping Students Understand Difficult Statistics Concepts Jim Zimmer
S016 Efficacy of Micromessaging on Developmental Math Student Success Rates Christine Mirbaha
S017 Quantitative Reasoning: Meaningful Mathematics for College Freshmen Gregory D. Foley
S018 AMATYC 101 Bruce Yoshiwara, Kathryn Kozak
S019 When It Comes Out of the Math Attic... Tom Adamson
S020 Start to Finish: Classroom Engagement Techniques
Handout #2
Claire Suddeth, Nancy Pevey
S021 Using Technology to Engage Students and Enhance Learning in Statistics Roxy Peck
S022 Developmental Mathematics Designed for Student Success
Handout #2
Handout #3
Handout #4
Handout #5
Handout #6
Vanessa Hill, Lauren Brewer, Donna Bedinelli
S023 Developmental Math at the CROSSroads John Squires
S024 Alternative Methods for Community College Mathematics Placement Pam Reising, Laura Moore-Mueller
S025 No Pronouns Please Diane Koenig
S026 Exit to College-Level Math: Measuring An Emporium's Success Carrie Quesnell
S027 Online Homework for Developmental Math: Who Really Benefits? Amy Barnsley,Jane Weber
S028 Don't Flip Out! Flipping a Liberal Arts Math Class
Handout #2
Handout #3
Denise Nunley, Alicia Collins
S029 Pain Relief Medicine for Math Pat Riley
S030 Notable Notes Vanessa L. Coffelt, Jeremy P. Coffelt
S031 Liberal Arts Mathematics - A Project-based Approach Mark Roland
S032 IGNITE - Fun with Math J. Sriskandarajah
S033 Happily Ever After: Math Meets Storytelling? Juanita M Darden-Jones, Lindsay Gold
S034 MOOCS: What Can Be Learned from Them? Will They Replace Instructors? Rob Eby
S035 Opening the Gate to Higher Education Mathematics Don Ransford, Sabine Eggleston
S036 Humor and Its Relationship to Mathematics Learning Egon Mermelstein
S037 Dig Deeper - Try Oral Assessments Seth Daugherty
S038 Principles of Data Analysis Peter Avery
S039 A Revolutionary Approach to Distance Learning Peg Pankowski
S040 Undergraduate Statistics: Using Bootstrap and Resampling Salil Kumar Das, George Perkins
S041 Utilizing Technology to Capture Student Voice in Mathematics Nicholas Shay
S042 Unbelievable Improvement in Developmental Course Pass Rates
Handout #2
Sara Taylor
S043 A Mathematician can be a Commedian! Oiyin Pauline Chow
S044 Quantway and Statway: Successful Mathematics Pathways Karon Klipple, Cinnamon Hillyard
S045 Quantitative Literacy - Developing and Using Messy Problems William G. Steenken
S046 From Rabbits to Power Series and Back Again: Fibonacci Polynomials Jay Malmstrom
S047 The Implementation of a STAT Track at Mott CC Bernard Cunningham, Vasu Iyengar
S048 So ... I Really Will Use This? Julie Phelps, Jolene Rhodes
S049 Integrating and Assesing Student Learning Outcomes Kim Tsai Granger
S050 Lecture Notes in the Digital Age
Handout #2
Handout #3
Handout #4
Handout #5
Handout #6
Donna Gerken
S051 Fun with GIS: Applying Mathematics to Digitally Stored Spatial Data Robert Lee Kimball, Jr, Michael Miller
S052 Increasing and Decreasing Intervals: Where Does the Fun End?
Handout #2
Handout #3
Handout #4
Anne Dudley, Michael Holtfrerich, Josh Whitney
S053 Study Skills for Student Success in a Redesigned Course MaryAnne Anthony-Smith, Lynn Maracek
S054 Easy Excel Worksheets for Statistics James Lapp
S055 Who Uses this Stuff Anyway?
Handout #2
Britt Alyse Slade, Spencer Ryan Slade
S056 Making Waves in Vector Calculus John Thoo
S057 California Baseball Statistics: There's No End To The Analysis! Steve Krevisky
S058 Infinite Learning Opportunities in Tutor/Future Teacher Training Lorie DeMarco
S059 MATH 911 - SI to the Rescue Yvette Akridge, Deanne Fann
S060 How Broomsticks and Skyscrapers Develop Multiplicative Reasoning Scott Adamson, Ted Coe
S061 Medical Math vs Intermediate Algebra Shane Tang, Joe Gallegos
S062 Mathematical Applications of Home Brewing Alison Schubert, Tom Aydlett, Jay Martin
S063 The Beauty of Mathematics in Debussy's Masterful Compositions Paula A. Wilhite
S064 Do the Math - Expanding A Redesign Karen Wyrick, Jennifer Minutolo
S065 Infusing Quantitative Literacy Brian Beaudrie, Barbara Boschmans
S066 OMG (Oh Math Goodness), Where are Your Algebra Skills? Luke Walsh
S067 Fun with Computer Assistive Technology - What's Up With That? Keturah Johnson, Nathalie Vega-Rhodes
S068 Redesigning College Algebra from Traditional to Web-based Delivery Barbara Boschmans, Brian Beaudrie, Dana Ernst
S069 Reflective Practice to Improve Instruction Douglas Mace
S070 The Pre-Transfer Curriculum: An Adaptive Accelerated Model Mary Jennings
S071 Algebra in a Week: Bridging the Gap for Incoming STEM Majors Brittney Gillespie, James Rauff
S072 An Adaptive Student-centered Approach to Placement and Remediation Andrew Tonge
S073 What's Math Got To Do With "Gangnam Style"? Jerry Chen, Alexander Atwood, Myung-Chul Kim
S074 Five Minutes to a More Satisfying Course Pat McKeague
S075 Digital Games to Learn Math!
Handout #2
Dan Petrak
S076 Developmental Math Reform in the State of North Carolina Tammy Bishop, Glynis Mullins
S077 The Bottom Line: What's Essential in an Elementary Statistics Course? Barry Monk, William Navidi, Don Brown
S078 Mobile Learning - Math Courses as Apps! Oiyin Pauline Chow
S079 Concept Maps: How to Assess Students' Understanding with Them Rebecca Metcalf
S080 Teaching Math to Students with Visual Impairments Gaeir Dietrich, Barbara Illowsky
S081 Activate Your Calculus Students! Diane Koenig
S082 Using Simulation Methods in Introductory Statistics Patti Frazer Lock
S083 Close Encounters with Classics II
Tom Carson
S084 Changing the Culture: Combat the Assault on Critical Thinking Anne Magnuson, Alison Schubert
S085 Enhancing Student Learning Through Error Analysis
Handout #2
Handout #3
Handout #4
Joan Zoellner
S086 Undergraduate Mathematics Research From Across the Pond Irene M. Duranczyk
S087 Teaching Principles: A New Way of Thinking In Liberal Arts Mathematics Tom Pirnot
S088 Faculty Collaborations to Scale Up Innovative Teaching Across Colleges Thomas Carey, Anna Bakman, Susan Vo
S089 Calculus Students Teaching Calculus: A Service Learning Experience Melinda Rudibaugh
S090 Family & friends connect: Let's discuss what is happening in Anaheim! (Encore) Carol Murphy
S091 Financial Literacy Projects for Finite Mathematics Helen Mirtova
S092 Transformations, Tessellations and Smartphones
Handout #2
Connie McLean
S093 A Slip Down the Rabbit Hole: The Alternative World of Assessments Juanita M Darden-Jones
S094 The Transfer of Critical Thinking Skills from Math to the Real World John Coburn
S095 Lessons Learned from a First Mathematical MOOC
Handout #2
Jon Anderson, Keith White
S096 Mathematics and the Human Experience
Gary Rockswold
S097 Teaching as a Lever for Change in Developmental Mathematics Jim Stigler
S098 The Eureka! Experience- Instructional Techniques that Encourage It Alan Tussy
S099 The Fun Never Ends with Circles Mark Dugopolski
S100 Yes! Having Fun Promoting Critical Thinking! Mark Kuhlman, Kendall Jacobs
S101 Zooming in on Global Math Education: There’s No End to the Fun! Steve Krevisky, Barbara Leitherer, Tamara McColgan, Fary Sami
S102 Jump Start Your Students with a Summer Bridge Program Anne E. Edlin, Patty Voigt
S103 Using Mathematics to Teach Financial Literacy Amber Mellon
S104 MOOCs, OER, Online Learning. . . Aren't They All the Same? Barbara Illowsky
S105 Collaborating Learning in Developmental Math Classrooms Joey Offer, Julie Kostka
S106 Reengaging Students: A Look Inside One Formative Assessment Strategy Valerie L. Mills
S107 Stop the Zombie (Calculator) Apocalypse Jeremy P. Coffelt, Vanessa L. Coffelt
S108 NADE: A Resource for Responding to Calls for Innovation Linda Thompson
S109 Fun and Belief Magnetized: Motivating the Mathematically Challenged Damon Givehand
S110 An All ACCCESS Pass Christy Hediger, Tammy Louie
S111 Improve Teaching by Assessing Learning During Every Class Session! Kim Tsai Granger
S112 Reform at Scale: Lessons from the Dana Center's New Mathways Project Philip Uri Treisman, Amy Getz
S113 The Tutor - Teacher Connection Ruth Feigenbaum, Kaat Higham, Madhvi Shah
S114 A Qualitative Best Practices Study Using Quantitative Data
Handout #2
Handout #3
Colleen Bye, Keith White
S115 Results of a Research Study: College and Career Ready, Fact vs Opinion Robert Lee Kimball, Jr, Lisa Seidman, Wade Ellis, Sol Garfunkel, Marc Tucker
S116 Creating PBL Courses for Mass Delivery
Handout #2
Ruth Trygstad, Shane Tang
S117 Sharing Session: Linking Math Courses and the Work Force Ned W. Schillow
S118 These Are A Few Of My Favorite (Free) Things! Rebecca Schantz
S119 How Cubic Equations, and Not Quadratic, Led To Complex Numbers John Thoo
S120 Factoring in (Dis)abilities in Math Classrooms Barbara Johnson, Keri L. Rodgers
S121 Authentic Problem Solving in a Developmental Pathways Course Kathleen Almy, Heather Foes
S122 Bringing New Life to Your Developmental Mathematics Jack Rotman
S123 More Teaching Strategies for Infinite Series in Calculus Robert Cappetta
S124 Money Talks
Julie Miller
S125 Baseball and Mathematics Marvin Bittinger
S126 Statistic Textbooks: Boldly Going Where No Student Has Gone Before Robert Gould
S127 Integrate Historical and Multicultural Activities in Liberal Arts Math Anthony Piccolino
S128 Grant Work in AMATYC's Future John Pazdar
S129 Fibonacci in Finance Ted Koukounas
S130 Math Intensive Sharing Session Sandra Poinsett, Robert Cappetta, Scott Peterson
S131 Mathematics of Flight Jeff Mankowski
S132 (Misconceptions)^2
Handout #2
Peter Wildman, Greg Cripe
S133 Fun Activities to Meet the Challenges of Beginning Algebra Students
Handout #2
Handout #3
Handout #4
Handout #5
Handout #6
Handout #7
Handout #8
Handout #9
Mark Clark, Cindy Anfinson
S134 Real-World Engineering Problem-Solving in the High School Curriculum Fary Sami, Supawan King
S135 Charter a Mu Alpha Theta Chapter at Your College Paige Feibelman
S136 The Long Ignored Edge of the Coin Joseph Browne
S137 CSI Statistics: Statistics and Crime
Marty Triola
S138 STEM Center 411 Cathey Jordan
S139 Brain Bugs: Neuroscience Perspectives on Math Learning Jennifer Park
S140 Mathematics and the Age of Reason David Price, Elise Price
S141 Q: What Do You Get When You Cross a Traditional with Online? Andreana M. Grimaldo
S142 Faculty Math League Steve Blasberg, Susan Strickland
S143 Learner Centered Teaching: Take It to the Next Level Anna Butler, Penny Morris, Richard Leedy, Jim Rhodes
S144 Strategies that Engage Adjunct Faculty in Developmental Math Reform Helen E. Burn, Ph.D.
S145 Time to Engage! Andrea Hendricks, Oiyin Pauline Chow, Kelly Jackson
S146 Fractions: Addressing a Stumbling Block for Developmental Students
Handout #1
Handout #2
Handout #3
Handout #4
Wade Ellis
S147 Active Learning and Student Success in The New Mathways Project Thomas J. Connolly, Lucy H. Michal, Julie Phelps
S148 Two Paths Through Developmental Mathematics? Erin Wilding-Martin, Brian Mercer
S149 That Flipping Algebra Class Ellen Turnell
S150 Cocktail Party Calculus: Collaborative Writing in Mathematics Keith Nabb
S151 Comparison of American and Chinese Basic Math Education
Handout #2
David Liu
S152 Open Course Library Project: Free Online Texts for Algebra to Calculus
Handout #2
Dale Hoffman, Melonie Rasmussen, David Lippman
S153 Understanding the Developmental Education Student J. F. Agnich (Joe)
S154 Chaos Games and Fractal Movies Robert L. Devaney
S155 Professional Development: Design on a Dime
Handout #2
Laurice Garrett, JoAnn Lewin, Sabine Eggleston
S156 Affiliate Sharing Session Sherri Wilson, Maggie Flint
S157 Rising Above the Redesign Madness Hala Nestberg
S158 Getting the Most Out of Online Homework
Handout #2
George Woodbury
S159 Incorporating the Standards for Mathematical Practice with Rich Tasks Linda Gojak
S160 An Exciting Mathematical Reasoning Course - Quantway
Handout #2
Handout #3
Kinga Oliver, Craig Birkemeier
S161 Tech-Math Pathway in North Carolina's Curriculum Improvement Project
Handout #2
Sharon Welker, Suzanne Williams
S162 Starting a STEM Club? Linda Laine
S163 MyMathText - A FREE LMS For Both Students and Instructors Robert Knight, Barbara Illowsky
S164 Guiding Students to Mathematical Proficiency: From Theory to Practice. John T Smith
S165 Make Class Time Count in a Flipped Classroom David Graser
S166 Join the Joyful Conspiracy Bernadine Chuck Fong, Uri Treisman
S167 Take-Charge Strategies for Test Taking - Before, During, and After Cheryl Ooten
S168 Developmental Math Redesign with Individualized Study Plans Terry Krieger
S169 Flip the Switch! Teresa Sutcliffe
S170 MATH: Math Adjuncts Try Hard Judy King, Judy Giffin
S171 Inquiry-based Learning in General Education Mathematics
Handout #2
Handout #3
Christine von Renesse, Julian Fleron
S172 Theoretical and Simulated Experiments for the Law of Large Numbers Dale K Nelson
S173 Thinking Critically About Critical Thinking Dave Sobecki
S174 Mathematical Thinking - Without the Numbers James R. McDonald
S175 Interventions to Reduce Attrition in Precalculus James Martin, Beth Tsai
S176 Close the Assessment Loop; Give Common Questions, Analyze, and Discuss Caroline Goodman, Bill Robinson
S177 Innovative Use of Technology: Virtual Calculus Tutors R. Howard Henley
S178 More on Predicting Success Dan Kernler, Kristen Campbell
S179 Curve Fitting in Algebra = Great Preparation for Statistics Jay Lehmann
S180 Using Statistics to Know and Nurture Our Planet Nancy Pfenning
S181 Escaping to Flatland
Handout #2
Joyce Menges
S182 Common Testing - An Open Discussion John Bakken, Evan Evans
S183 Is the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) Still Relevant? Magnhild Lien
S184 A Modified Emporium Model: Bridge to College Math Jessica Lickeri, Beth Barnett, Katherine Struve
S185 Beyond the Classroom - Technology for Faculty and Student Support Alan Bass
S186 Identifying Crucial Mathematics Concepts and Skills for Course Success Alison Ahlgren Reddy, Marc Harper
S187 Core to College Carren Walker, Debra Schneider
S188 Introducing Reasoning and Sense Making to Pre-Service Teachers Daniel Ilaria
S189 Teaching Statistics in the 21st Century - Advantages and Potholes Krystyna Karminska
S190 See You on the Flip Side - What to Expect When Inverting a Class Kevin Bodden, Randy Gallaher
S191 Data, Functions, and Understanding: Function's First Algebra Michael Huff
S192 Using Rich Problems to Develop Deep Understanding Dennis Ebersole
S193 Using Mistakes to Improve Understanding Laura Bracken
S194 Making Sense out of Statistics Jason Samuels
S195 Improving Teaching and Learning in Pre-College Math Via Peer Coaching Constance Calandrino
S196 Open Textbooks and Open Technology Resources: Flexible and Free Roy Shahbazian, Dahlia Vu, Darlene Diaz
S197 Promoting Peer Learning in an Emporium-Style Classroom Curtis Mitchell, Jim Cochran
S198 Don't Like the Text? Write Your Own!! Mary M. Roberson
S199 Leveraging Digital Media for New Approaches to Developmental Math Terri Rowenhorst, Linda Sue Hoops, Shana Neeley
S200 A New Unit Circle Teaching Device David Caliri
S201 How to Encourage Professional Development Among Adjunct Instructors Jon Oaks
S202 Dishin' Up A Plate Full of Trig Michelle (Shelly) Ray Parsons
S203 Constant vs Coefficient? Changing the Question to Change Assessment Laurie K. McManus, Ph.D.
S204 What? How? Why? Getting Students to Think Beyond Procedures Linda Leckrone, Vilma Mesa
S205 Mathematics and the Human Experience (Encore) Gary Rockswold
S206 Redesign Implementation: Strategies for Teaching in a New Environment James Hedges
S207 Design Online College Algebra with Students in Mind Sandra Fital-Akelbek
S208 Math and College Success Skills Wendy Cook, Sarah DiCalogero, Nicole Walker, Libby Watts




Themed Sessions
Title Speaker(s)
T1A The Mathematics of a Cajón Drum Eric Hutchinson
T1B Enhancing Learning Effectiveness with Collaborative Learning Supawan King
T1C Student Research Projects in an Honors Precalculus Course Anthony Piccolino
T1D Applications of Engineering and Science in the Calculus Sequence
Handout #2
Omar Adawi
T1E Using College Algebra to Understand Automobile Collisions Alexander Atwood
T1F A Student’s First Journey into Calculus
Handout #2
Siham Alfred
T2A "Aha” Math is Soooo Cool! Kendall Jacobs
T2B Representations of Fractions Using Three Representations of Knowledge Chuckie Hairston
T2C Fun With Attributes Jane Hammontree
T2D Where Should I Hide the Prize? Judith Sallee
T2E Toward the Tutorial System David Tannor
T2F Preparing Future Teachers to Teach Mathematics Anthony Piccolino
T3A Implementing GAISE in the Introductory Statistics Classroom Roxy Peck
T3B Prerequisites for Introductory Statistics: STEM vs Non-STEM or Both? Lynette Meslinsky, David Usinski
T3C Contextualizing Traditional Algebra Topics for a Pre-Statistics Course Mary Kehoe Moynihan
T3D Effective Selection and Use of Technology in Statistics Marty Triola
T3E A Brief Introduction to Some Philosophical Principles of Statistics Brian Smith
T3F Using the Bootstrap Method in Estimation Michael Sullivan




Session Title Speaker(s)
W01 More Than Just The Math Kelly Jackson, Andrea Hendricks
W02 Activities That Enhance Proportional Reasoning Gary Simundza
W03 What Follows Showing Up? Problem Solving!
Handout #2
Alice Kaseberg
W04 A Student-centered Approach to College Algebra Scott L. Peterson, Peter Banwarth, Mary Beisiegel, Keith Schloeman
W05 Multiplying Effectiveness: Interweaving Math & Student Success Courses Connie Richardson, Nancy K. Stano
W06 Blended Learning and Google+ Evan G. Evans, Larry P. Huff
W07 Take a Chance on Math! Probability for Preservice Elementary Teachers Andy D. Jones, Joanne O. Weinberg
W08 Coping With Math Anxiety in College: From Research to Relief! Fred Peskoff, Leonid Khazanov
W09 Statway - Teaching Difficult Topics in Statistics
Handout #2
Scott Guth, Rachel Mudge, Andre' Freeman
W10 Angle Over Distance: Strategies in Umpiring Two-Year College Baseball Chris Oehrlein


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