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2014 Nashville Conference Proceedings
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40th AMATYC Annual Conference
Nashville, Tennessee
November 13-16, 2014

Conference Theme: Mathematics: Music To My Ears



Keynote Presentations
Reflections From The Founding President
Herb Gross
Cleaning Up After the Common Core
Zalman Usiskin


Special Sessions
Session Title Presenter(s)
National Summit on Developmental Mathematics: Continuing the Dialogue Julie Phelps, Hunter Boylan, Amy Getz, Rebecca Goosen,  Karon Klipple,  Joanne Peeples, Linda Zientek, Paul Nolting
Q2 Department/Division Chairs' Colloquium Christine Mirbaha, Scott Saunders


Regular Sessions
Session Title Presenter(s)
S001 Students Helping Students: Passing the Baton of Success Through Film
Martha Whitty
S002 Can a Mathematician be a Stand-up Comedian? Oiyin Pauline Chow
S003 AMATYC 101 Kathryn Kozak, Nicole Lang
S004 Parkland College's Developmental Math Redesign: What Has Been Learned? Erin Wilding-Martin, Brian Mercer
S005 The Teacher, the Textbook, and the Derivative Linda Leckrone
S006 Math is Fun: Ten Ways to Engage Students in an Interactive Classroom Mark Colgan
S007 Glitzy Math: The Mathematics of Computer Graphics Tom Pirnot
S008 Statistics - Beyond the Classroom Barry Monk, William Navidi, Don Brown
S009 Help Students Manage and Overcome Math Anxiety
H. Michael Lueke
S010 Enhancing Student Learning Using Pencasts and Videos Lawanna Fisher, Joan Raines
S011 Pedal to the Metal: Accelerating Developmental Mathematics Students Lori Austin
S012 GeoGebra 201: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Drag My Graphs Alison Schubert
S013 Hands-on Activities for the Introductory Statistics Course Matthew Pragel, Mary Brown
S014 Guided Inquiry in Mathematics Joan Zoellner, Garrett Gregor
S015 AMATYC's FutureGrant Program John Pazdar, Patricia Hirschy, Dennis Ebersole, Karen Gaines
S016 Flipping Math: Redesigning Developmental Math Courses for Success Kelli Hammer, Joyce Nemeth, Alan Lebovitz
S017 Cohorts for Online Classes - What Works and What Doesn't Peg Pankowski, Calandra Davis
S018 Don't Hate the Assessment Guy: Create Assessments That People Like Olin Stratton
S019 The Sounds of Mathematics
Playing with Number Bases
Acsii Code
Music Sheet
Pitch Star
Cynthia McGinnis, Navin McGinnis, Daniel McGinnis
S020 Digital Learning Activities to Support Creative Online Collaboration Jennifer Greenwood
S021 Integrating Historical & Multicultural Activities in Liberal Arts Math Anthony Piccolino
S022 Teaching Statistics Using the NCAA Tournament Peter Legner
S023 Passing the Baton to the Next Generation: Nurturing New Faculty MaryAnne Anthony, Lynn Marecek
S024 Fast Track Mathematics at St. Charles CC Joe Howe
S025 Placement and Assessment Round Table Behnaz Rouhani
S026 Singing an Open Source Melody
Libby Watts
S027 Designing an Active Learning Math Experience
Matthew Watts, Dr. Daniel Apple, Wade Ellis Jr.
S028 No Autopilot in Online Courses: Be Present, Active, and Engaged Lisa Rombes
S029 How to Create Engaging Mathematics Videos
Denise Nunley
S030 Tuning In to Cooperative Learning Rachel Frankel, Karen Smith
S031 Hearts and Minds: Waging the Battle to Win Over Liberal Arts Students. Jodi Cotten
S032 The Right Math at the Right Time: Implementing Mathematics Pathways Amy Getz
S033 Identifying Trends in Statistics Education
Mary DeHart (Moderator), Roxy Peck, Michael Sullivan, Marty Triola
S034 Don't Get Left Out In the Cold: How to Navigate Joanne Peeples, Judy Ackerman, Linda Braddy
S035 Research-based Strategies of Online Developmental Mathematics Courses Ben Moulton
S036 F-sharp is and is not G-flat? Only Mathematics Provides the Answer Arlene Goldblatt
S037 Flipping the Classroom: Beginners to Advanced
Sophia Georgiakaki
S038 The Musical Scale of an Integration Strategy David McGuire
S039 How Cool is That!? Ten (or More) Engaging Mathematical Topics Dennis Runde
S040 A Fast and Furious Online Bridge to Calculus II Sharon Sledge, G Donald Allen
S041 The MAA-CSPCC Study: Two-Year Colleges Case Findings Helen E. Burn, Ph.D., Vilma Mesa, Ph.D.
S042 An Arithmetic Course Redesign with Proven Positive Results
Barbara Lontz
S043 WOW: An Inservice for Students Lawrence Perez, Sherri Messersmit, Patrick Quigley
S044 The Geometry of Restaurant Location Robert Cappetta
S045 Behind the Scenes of the Student Math League Susan R. Strickland, Steven Blasberg
S046 Puzzle Power: Problem Solving Made Awesome!
Practice Problems
Steven Zollinger
S047 Embedding Conceptually Rich Content in a Social Context Via Animations Adrienne Chu, Jordan Neus
S048 Implications of Modularization in Developmental Math Madeline Joy Trimble , Glynis Mullins
S049 Music to Our Ears: Analyzing the Quarterback Rating System Steve Krevisky
S050 When Will You Ever Use This Stuff? Making Statistics Relevant Mary Elizabeth Gore
S051 Trigonometry Flipped Shane Tang
S052 The Beauty of Mathematics in the Magnificence of Mozart's Music Paula A. Wilhite
S053 Marrying Mathematics and Media for Humor and Relevance
Ebola Data
Katrina Data
Millionaire ppt
Jeopardy ppt
Julie Miller
S054 The Right Stuff - Still Music to Your Ears Robert L Kimball, Jr., Kathleen Almy
S055 Improving Reading Skills of Developmental Mathematics Students
Diana Hestwood, Linda Russell
S056 Math and the CajÓn Drum Eric Hutchinson
S057 Leveraging Google Apps to Enhance Online Learning in Mathematics Leslie Johnson, Amy Gates, Peg Hohensee
S058 Signed Numbers: Mathematics in Sign Language Kelly Jackson
S059 Using Sexually Transmitted Diseases to Explain Probability Luke Smith, Anna Wan
S060 Metro MathPLACE: An Experiential Tour Brenda Stotesbery,Carilynn Bouie
S061 Reasoning Activities Using 0.999... = 1 in Developmental Mathematics
Court Case Handout
Chris L. Yuen
S062 Tools, Apps, & Strategies for Online Interactive Developmental Algebra Jennifer Hoyte
S063 The Mathematics of Angry Birds John Diehl, Ismael Zamora
S064 The Missing Link: Algebraic Literacy to Replace Intermediate Algebra
Link to handouts
Jack Rotman
S065 And You Thought the Birthday Problem Was Only a Curiosity? Steven J. Wilson
S066 Using Student Preferences to Adaptively Scaffold a Mathematics Course Katie Cerrone, Amy Hollingsworth
S067 Statistics - Identifying and Avoiding Common Errors Brian Smith
S068 How to Make Discrete Concrete April Andreas
S069 It's a Wrap: Student Success Interventions for Online Courses Cathleen Rossman, Vanitha Parameswaran, Brenda Stotesbery
S070 There's an App for That! Michelle Lis, Peggy Hohensee, David DeLong
S071 Problem-Solving with Spreadsheets Don Brown, Laureen Lowman, Abby Allen Noble, Blanche Presley
S072 Formative Assessment: Helping Teachers Teach and Students Learn James E. Martin, Beth Tsai
S073 Where Have All the Teachers Gone? Scores of Adjuncts Everywhere Susan Bornsen
S074 Groups to Grades: Strategy for the Calculus I Classroom Heather Albrecht
S075 Throwing Away the Traditional Mathematics Book Rebecca Wulf, Sharon Koch, Ben Markham, Karen Pearson
S076 The Mathematics of Investing
Fast Facts
Financial Tear Sheet
Quarterly Earnings
Wilson B. Gräb
S077 Two- and Four-Year Institutions: Why Do Collaborations Matter? Christine D. Thomas
S078 The Role of Self-Efficacy in the Retention of STEM Students. Ulrike Genschel, Xuan Hien Nguyen, Ian Mouzon
S079 Innovative Ways to Teach Probability in Introductory Statistics Alexander Atwood, Heidi Kiley, Jane-Marie Wright
S080 Accelerating Under-prepared Students To and Through College Statistics Myra Snell
S081 Global Math Education is Music to One's Ears Barbara Leitherer, Fary Sami
S082 Has the Art of Mathematics Been Lost? Luke Walsh
S083 Sharing Session: Authentic Applications That Succeed with Students Ned W. Schillow
S084 A Project-driven Elementary Statistics Class
Handout #1
Handout #2
Handout #3
Handout #4
Anne Landry
S085 Making the Hybrid Course Format Music to Students' Ears Chris Oehrlein
S086 The LCD/GCF Sorting Box Lyda Neal
S087 Why Not Teach Integer Arithmetic the Way We Do Integer Arithmetic? Maryann Justinger
S088 Probability That Students Can Understand
Roxy Peck
S089 Math Really Rocks - An Astronomer's Journey Billy Hix
S090 Reviving Your Students Using CPR (Creative Presentations Regularly) Alan Tussy
S091 Creating Contextualized College-Level Math Courses for CTE: Two Paths Eric Matsuoka, Jennie Thompson
S092 College Math Ready in a Semester: Bypass Placement & Improve Outcomes Yoshi Yamato, Dr. Katherine Steveson, Marie McClendon, Jeff Hupp
S093 Working Together to Create a Successful Flipped Classroom Ruth Trygstad, Cindy Soderstrom, Kristin Cartwright
S094 No Textbook Needed! The "Nuts-n-Bolts" of an OER Math Course Pamela Dale, Evgenia Harrison
S096 Illustrative Mathematics as a Resource for Teacher Preparation William McCallum, Kristin Umland
S097 Writing High Quality Assessment Items Using a Variety of Formats Scott Strother, Duane Benson
S098 Student Response Systems in the Algebra Classroom Dona Boccio
S099 Project ACCCESS: How Its Influence Extends Beyond the Cohort Lisa Sallee, Heather Barker, Michael Pemberton, Brittany Mosby, Eliza Myung-Ok Lee
S100 Classroom Activities To Enhance Conceptual Understanding in Stats Michael Sullivan
S101 Spreadsheets: An Amazing Tool to Enliven and Animate Mathematics Robert (Bob) Devaney
S102 Mathematics in Pop Culture Gary Rockswold
S103 Helping Students with Math Anxiety
Annette Cook
S104 What If Words Could Be Controlled? Dr. Mary D. Pearce, Jeanette A. Underwood
S105 Incorporating Study Skills into Developmental Math Classes Jessica Bernards, Mark DeSmet
S106 Forensic Photography: CSI for the Eccentric(ity) Mike Reiners
S107 Fraction Applets for Developmental Mathematics Students Wade Ellis, Jr.
S108 Puzzle Fun - The Geometry of the Soma Cubes Michael Oppedisano, Candice Dance
S109 Engage New Mathematicians: Activities to Promote Mathematics at Events Christopher King, Jennifer Gorman
S110 Look Before You Flip! Exploring Ways to Activate Students Anne Praderas Vance, Michael McCarthy
S111 A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words - But Not Much More! Leonard M. Wapner
S112 Online Homework - Putting the Focus on Learning George Woodbury
S113 Tips and Tricks for a Successful Pathways Implementation Kathleen Almy, Dan Petrak
S114 The Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practices Go to College Scott Adamson, Ted Coe
S115 Focus on Fractions to Scaffold Algebra Cheryl Ooten
S116 Life After 40: AMATYC and Teachers Reach Middle Age
Joni Pirnot, Cathy Panik, Mary Beth Headlee
S117 Cocktail Party Calculus: Collaborative Writing in Mathematics
Honors Project
Keith Nabb
S118 Tired of Repeating Yourself? Make a Video Recording! Andrew Beiderman
S119 Open Educational Resources (OER): Learnings, Results, and Challenges
Handout #1
Handout #2
James Sousa, Phil Clark, Amy Lambert
S120 Pre-Stats: If Not Intermediate Algebra, Then What? Mary Kehoe Moynihan
S121 Faculty Math League Contest Steven Blasberg, Susan Strickland
S122 Creating and Using Functions of One or More Variables Nan Jackson
S123 Mathematics Teaching as a Narrative Art Michael George
S124 Seven Wonders of the Statistical World Marty Triola
S125 Mobile Device+Apps=[Teaching+Learning]x[Curriculum+Instructional]Tools Robbie K. Melton, Mary Martin
S126 Do the Math! The Redesign Legacy Karen Wyrick, Jennifer Minutolo
S127 Enhancing Critical Thinking Skills in College Algebra Ivana Seligova, Karen A. Summerson
S128 Scaling and Sustaining a Bridge to College Mathematics Roshele Friudenberg, Jeff Thies
S129 Writing Labs to Connect Mathematics with Career and Life
Sharon Welker, Hilary Seagle
S130 How Colleagues Flipped My Class Joyce Lindstrom
S131 Sharing Session: Authentic Applications That Succeed with Students Ned W. Schillow
S132 Note by Note and Measure by Measure Bob Horton, Mike Reiners
S133 Teaching a Pre-Statistics Course: Propelling Non-STEM Students Forward Jay Lehmann
S134 Mathematics: Humor To My Ears
Part 2
John Gallo
S135 Author! Author! George Alexander, David Tannor
S136 Math Intensive Sharing Session Sandra S Poinsett, Robert Cappetta, Scott L. Peterson
S137 Developmental Mathematics Summit Study Skills Plan Implementation Julie Phelps, Lisa Sallee, Paul Nolting, Linda Zientek
S138 Navigating the Journey from Teaching to Active Professional Retirement Susan S. Wood, Richelle (Rikki) Blair, Sadie Bragg
S139 Promoting Effective Study Skills in Developmental Mathematics Students Charlotte Skinner
S140 Provide ELLs with Access to Cognitively Demanding Mathematics Tasks Susie W. Hakansson
S141 Infinity: Present but Not Accounted For Bill Rosenthal
S142 Is the Sine a Circular Function? How About a Square or Star Function? Trey Cox, Milos Podmanik
S143 Hybrid Classes: More than Just Videos Julie Gunkelman
S144 How to Flip a Math Lesson Edouard Tchertchian
S145 Active Learning in the Statistics Classroom Jon Oaks
S146 Copyright and Mathematics Teaching Jerome Tuttle
S147 Developmental Mathematics Students' Conceptions of Linear Functions Anne Cawley
S148 Teacher Preparation Committee Round Table Andy D. Jones
S149 Strategies for Solving Application Problems
Amber Rust
S150 An Evolution in Instruction: Once You Flip, You’ll Never Go Back! Jessica Lickeri, Katherine Struve, Theresa Kegley
S151 Take It To The Limit Mike Long
S152 Developmental Education and the STEM Pipleine Valerie Lundy-Wagner
S153 Authentic Contexts in Early College Mathematics
Authenticity Framework
Examining Data Template
Ideas from Psy. Stats
Lauretta Garrett, Maria Calhoun, Li Huang
S154 Enabling Students to Succeed in Math by Changing Student Perceptions Christine Mirbaha
S155 Making Mathematics Sound as Pleasing as Music Luc Desir
S156 Empowering Pre-Algebra Students through Succeed with Math (SWiM) Heather M Riordan, Sybille Clayton
S157 Learning by Doing: Hands-on Activities for All Levels of Mathematics Celisa Counterman
S158 There's a Video for That Lisa Savy
S159 The Age of Rigor: Mathematics of the Nineteenth Century
David Price, Elise Price
S160 Affiliate Sharing Session R. Michael Darrell, Ann S. DeBoever
S161 SAILS Tennessee: Developmental Math in High Schools John Squires
S162 A Finely Tuned Online Developmental Math Class Andrea Hendricks, Pauline Chow
S163 Accelerate and Improve Developmental Mathematics: The New Life Model
Link to handouts
Jack Rotman
S164 Actively Engaging Counteractive Students Daphne Perkins, Sandra Williams, Renee Zimmerman
S165 Course Redesign Implementation: Tips and Tricks from the Trenches Terry Krieger
S166 Creating Number Sense for Elementary Education Students
Jackie Vogel, Audry Bullock
S167 Some Insightful Examples for Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus Jim Trefzger
S168 Achieving Harmony – Avoiding Sour Notes: Changing Math Curriculum in NC Suzanne T. Williams, Jonathan E. Loss, Paula Savich, Dina Pitt
S169 What Is A Blog Good For In A Math Class? Almost Everything! David Graser
S170 Group Exams but an Individual Final Exam: How Does That Work? Rob Eby
S171 Musical Mathematics Angie Schirck Matthews
S172 Music to our ears: An African Mathematical Odyssey! Steve Krevisky
S173 Adjuncts: One Section of the Department Symphony Judy King, Judy Giffin
S174 The Mathematics of Angry Birds John Diehl, Ismael Zamora
S175 Inquiry-based Approach to Graphing Functions Using Transformations Rosany Alvarez, Belarmino Gonzalez
S176 Accelerated Learning Through Combined Courses and Boot Camps Andrea Hoagland, Eliza Lee
S177 Assessment: Beyond Tests and Quizzes Angela Lawrenz
S178 Content in Context: Teaching Students with Real-World Applications
Stefan Baratto
S179 Becoming More Confident in Math: Eight Women Share Their Stories Martha Whitty
S180 Mathematics in Pop Culture Gary Rockswold
S181 What! … A Project in Math? Lukalu Nadette Munongo
S182 Rising to the Challenge: Mathematics Remediation and College Success Lynne E. Kowski
S183 Build an Interactive Math Webpage For Students - Easier Than You Think Christopher Frederick
S184 Flipping the Curriculum Dennis Ebersole
S185 Success Stories: Transformative Learning as Lived by Low-SES Students John Smith



Themed Sessions
Session Title Presenter(s)
T1A If At First You Don’t Succeed, Integrate Again Vanessa Coffelt, Jeremy Coffelt
T1B Calculating the Age of an Ancient Natural Nuclear Fission Reactor Alexander Atwood
T1C How to Build a Math Community for Students in Precalculus and Beyond Anne Flesher, Kurt Ehlers
T1D Visualize Elementary Matrix Factorization with Linear Transformations Helen Mirtova
T1E What Was Learned from Creating an Advanced Trigonometry Class Katie Cerrone
T1F Designing Mathematics Courses for Two-Year College Honors Students Anthony Piccolino
T2A Math and Music Kristy Erickson
T2B 1-2-3-4: Which Method Should I Explore? Lorinda Fattic
T2C Engage Students by Making Them Board David Graser
T2D Different Ways to Create Videos George Hurlburt, Ray LaBounty
T2E Engaging Students Through Service Learning in Mathematics Jon Oaks
T2F Using Technology to Engage Students Edouard Tchertchian
R1A Characteristics of Successful Programs in College Calculus Chris Rasmussen
R1B Educator’s Equity in STEM - A Plan to Recruit Students to STEM Fields Sarah Miller
R1C The Concept of Function: Transformations, Compositions, and Inverses Patrick Kimani
R1D The Teacher, the Textbook, and the Derivative Linda Leckrone
R1E Community College-Focused Mathematics Dissertation Research
Irene Duranczyk, Linda Zientek




Session Title Presenter(s)
W01 Building CCSS Bridges: Content to Practices Mel Griffin, Ruth Collins
W02 Focusing on Rational Functions Gary Simundza
W03 Leaving the Problems in Problem Solving Rodney Null, Larisa Russell, Theresa Dahlinghaus
W04 Carnegie’s Pathways: Facilitating Active Learning with Games and Choir Wioleta Jaworska, Ann R. Edwards
W05 An Introduction to the New Mathway Project's STEMPrep Pathway Frank Savina



Project ACCCESS Presentations
Session Title Presenter(s)
A01 How the Brain Learns and Remembers Diana Hestwood
A02 Partial Credit: Friend or Frankenstein?
Handout #1
Handout #2
Anne Praderas Vance


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