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2017 SanDiego Conference Proceedings
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43rd AMATYC Annual Conference
San Diego, California
November 9-12, 2017

Conference Theme:
Have a Prime Time

Opening Session and Saturday Morning Session
Thursday Opening Session
Saturday Morning Session


Keynote Presentations
Is It 1957 or 2017?
Scott Adamson
Key Components for Any Math Course: Newspapers, Trains, and Lockers
Jim Matthews


Ignite Presentations
PowerPoint Slides


Regional Breakfast Presentations
Midwest Region
West Region


Special Sessions
Session Title Presenter(s)
Q1 Department/Division Chairs' Colloquium Sean Simpson, Christine Mirbaha

Regular Sessions
Session Title Presenter(s)
S001 Is a Corequisite College Algebra Course Possible? Becky Diischer, Carri Hales
S002 Using Web-Based Interactive Songs to Help Students Learn Statistics John Weber
S003 Integrating Open Educational Resources in Mathematics Courses Pete Surgent, Danielle Truszkowski
S004 Quantitative Reasoning - Global Numeracy, Global Change John Thoo, Kurt Kreith, Al Mendle
S005 Projects! Projects! Projects! Explore Implementing Simple Projects! Keturah Johnson
S006 Self-Guided Placement: A Retrospective Study of Algebra Students Debbie Panasuk, Kim Puhala
S007 AMATYC 101 Liz Hylton, Dan Fahringer
S008 Faculty Collectively Learning to Increase Homework Completion Rates Milena Cuellar, Steve Cosares, Haley McNamara
S009 From Toys to STEM: Tactile Activities for Precalculus Through Calculus Sylvia Gutowska, Clarence Baney
S010 Designing Online Developmental Mathematics for Student Success Amy Barnsley, Kay Penkava
S011 Tools for Creating Your Own Accessible Math Documents Susan Mosteller, Mary Monroe-Ellis
S012 Post Assessment Blues Rachel Frankel, Karen Smith
S013 How Could Artificial Intelligence Change College Math Education? Alexander Atwood
S014 Engaging College Algebra Students Using STEM Labs Alvina J. Atkinson, Angela Lively, Sharron Jenkins
S015 Medieval Mathematics David Price, Elise Price
S016 Non-STEM Developmental Math Courses: Content and Training Anne Praderas Vance, Colleen Hosking
S017 Priming the Quantitative Literacy Course Marcus Jorgensen
S018 Putting Applications First in Math Lessons Kevin Hulke
S019 Make Them Think! Engaging Students in Productive Struggle Mike Sieve, Heather Howington
S020 Teach Your Students When and Where They Want to Be Taught! Christina Dwyer
S021 Math in an Instant-Feedback World Jessica Bernards, Wendy Fresh
S022 The Adjunct Instructor: Tools for Success Ken Rand
S023 Making Connections Through Interactive Learning Barbara Johnson, Judy Beecher
S024 Math Works!! Activities That Make Connections Pat Riley
S025 It Is Prime Time for Corequisite College Math Tina Ragsdale, Heather Coltharp, Corey Waddlington
S026 Removing Barriers to Success in Front-Door Math Courses Maryke Lee, Deborah Howard, Miray Seward, Chris S. Hulleman
S027 Statistical Errors: Finding Them, Avoiding Them Brian Smith
S028 Prime Time for a Look at the Electoral College Curtis Mitchell
S029 Infinite Series: Pre-Algebra Through Calculus II Kirby Bunas
S030 Group Work with Primes: A Dynamic Atmosphere for Learning Rochelle Beatty
S031 Prime Instructional Principles for Fully-Online Developmental Math Mel Taylor , Lewis Hosie
S032 Failure Is NOT an Option .... Or Is It? Kelly Jackson, Andrea Hendricks
S033 Measurement: What's the Right Angle? Trey Cox
S034 Strategies for Integrating OER in Your Math Courses Lynn Marecek
S035 Have a Prime Time with Games! Cindy Moore, Tammy Sullivan
S036 Strengthening Mathematics Courses for Elementary Education Pamini Thangarajah
S037 The Making of Modern Statistics: A Historical Journey Anthony Piccolino
S038 Prime Ideas for Engaging Students in Developmental Classes Annette Cook
S039 Priming the Adjunct Faculty Issues Pump Judy King
S040 Getting Started on The Right Foot: Day 1 Diagnostics Dayna Ford, Logan Maxwell
S041 Developing Prime Corequisite & Accelerated Developmental Math Courses Scott Strother, James Willis
S042 It Pays to Be HIP! Rachel Santiago, Karen Wells
S043 Video Projects: A Means of Assessing Content Comprehension Mary Elizabeth Gore, Heather Luman
S044 E3= Energize, Enlighten, and Engage Eden Donahou, Barbara LeBranch
S045 Shocking Math, Happening Now! Alicia Collins
S046 STEAM: Finding a Connection Between Art and Mathematics Joni Burnette Pirnot
S047 Report from a Math Literacy Veteran/Algebraic Literacy Rookie Brian Mercer
S048 Classroom-Ready Activities for Conceptual Understanding in Statistics Michael Posner, Monica Dabos
S049 Teaching Critical Thinking in Mathematics Rob Farinelli
S050 AMATYC Grants Series: NSF Grants and You Ron Buckmire, Elizabeth Teles, Keith Sverdrup, Stephanie August
S051 Affiliate Sharing Session Alvina J. Atkinson, Luke Walsh
S052 How Students Understand Statistics: A Prime Time to Implement Projects Wendy Pogoda, Rachel Bates
S053 The Intersection of Accessibility and Basic Skills Gaeir Dietrich, Christine Tunstall
S054 Grasp the Math: Using 3D-Printing and Active Learning in Trigonometry Lee Singleton
S055 HIDD3N F1GURES – Where Is the Math? Venrita Morgan, Benjamin Cagle, Shondranise Wright
S056 Time to Get a Job! Rachel Marcial , Ben Moulton, Carla Kulinsky
S057 Promoting Persistence: It’s All in the Details! Sarah Miller
S058 Broadening Pathways: Teaching Math Lit Online Kathleen Almy, Heather Foes
S059 Research-Informed Instructional Practices: The Non-Negotiable Core Matt Larson
S060 Making Sense of Statistical Inference: A Simulation Approach Daren Starnes
S061 How to Prime Your Distance Learning Students for Success Jackie Johnston, Doug Richey
S062 Placement and Assessment Round Table Behnaz Rouhani
S063 Optimizing Related Rates and Relating to Optimization Karen Summerson, Ivana Seligova
S064 OERs, BCCC and ME Scott Saunders
S065 Course-Based Assessment: Understanding the Complexities Rachel Bates, Andrea Schaben, Molly Beauchman, Cheryl Hawkins
S066 Beyond the Classroom Francois Bereaud, Chris Silva, Anne Gloag
S067 Using Mapping Diagrams to Make Sense of Functions and Equations Martin Flashman
S068 Mathematics, Science, and Reality Gary Rockswold
S069 Statistics: What's Hot and What's Not Marty Triola
S070 AMATYC IMPACT: Understanding Prowess – Making sense of PRoficiency Ted Coe
S071 What Motivates Students? When Asked, They Answered. Deborah McKee
S072 The Funny Thing About Math ... Volume II Terry Krieger
S073 Are Bad Habits Hindering Your Classroom Lectures? Alan Tussy
S074 Study of the Impact of Feedback on Math Instructor Performance Peg Hohensee, Leslie Johnson
S075 AMATYC IMPACT: Understanding PrOWess - Student and Faculty OWnership Karen Gaines, Julie Phelps
S076 A Prime Time to Bring Change to Community College Statistics Courses Anita Wah , Lara Rosenberger , Richard Corp
S077 Primed to Help Students Succeed: Reflections on OER Adoption Emiliano Vega, Ralf Youtz
S078 The Calculus Course of the Twenty-Second Century Michael George
S079 Hey! You Got QR On My Liberal Arts Math! Dave Sobecki
S080 Calculus Students Do Not Know Graphs - Learn How to Fix That Rob Eby
S081 GeoGebra: A Tool to Connect S, T, and E with M Christopher Heeren
S082 Hands-On Math for Pre-Service Teachers 101 Mark Kuhlman, Teresa Stricklin
S083 Supporting Students Online Through Web Conferencing Christina Holdiness
S084 Social Justice Data: Bridge to Interest in Statistical Analysis Sue Ann Jones Dobbyn, Brittany Mosby
S085 Interactive Animations for Calculus, Inside and Outside the Classroom Dan Clegg
S086 Hands-On Precalculus - Modeling and More! Suzanne Lavertu, Carol Paxton, Michael Davis
S087 Showing the Data: Multiple Studies of Dana Center Math Pathways (DCMP) Jennifer Dorsey, Elizabeth Zachary Rutschow, Linda Zientek, Karin Samii-Shore
S088 Prime Time Flipped - Utilizing the Prime Time of a Flipped Class Denise Nunley
S089 Have a Prime Time With Baseball in San Diego! Steve Krevisky
S090 Enliven Your Classroom with Engaging Strategies and Activities Randy Gallaher, Kevin Bodden
S091 Strategies to Improve STEM Student Transition to and Through Calculus Helen Burn, Vilma Mesa, J. Luke Wood, Eboni Zamani-Gallaher
S092 Activities for GAISEing into Statistics Michael Sullivan
S093 Using Group Projects Online to Encourage Collaboration
Project 1
Project 2
Project 3
Project 4
Project 5
James Hedges, Joan Romano
S094 Z(app) the Tedium with Apps and Applications in a Liberal Arts Course Tom Pirnot
S095 College Trigonometry Grading Based on Formative Assessment Standards Connie Schrock
S096 Just a Spoonful of Sugar ... Beth Tsai
S097 Through the Eyes of the Mathematician Cheryl Ooten
S098 Want an Active Classroom? Use the Five Practices! Keith Nabb
S099 Third National Developmental Math Summit: Looking Back, Moving Forward Paula Wilhite, Julie Phelps, Paul Nolting, Annette Cook
S100 Improving Understanding and Success Rates in Introductory Statistics Patti Frazer Lock
S101 Activities and Projects to Promote Mathematical Literacy Patty George , Daniella Cortez, Angie Conley, Ilva Marian
S102 Digging for Gold: Discovering the Golden Ratio John Martin
S103 Students’ Deep Reflection of Pre-Statistics and Statistics: Mini Essays Jay Lehmann
S104 Learning College Finite Math and Applied Calculus with Games Stefan Waner
S105 Mathematics for Elementary Teacher Candidates - Are They Prepared? Judy Werner, Mike Long
S106 Customizing for Success Fenecia Foster
S107 Statistics: A Tool for Creating Culturally Relevant Lessons Diane Kinch
S108 Pathway to Success Linda Hintzman, Carrie Starbird, Richard Abdelkerim
S109 YouTube and Student Response: Prime Factors in Student Success Jeffrey C. Jones
S110 Student Solutions to Some Interesting Tiling Problems David Dudley
S111 Game On: Connecting Game Play and Mathematics to Impact Student Outcomes Amber Muenzenberger, Dan Petrak, Rob Eby
S112 Make a Bet: You Belong in an ANet Christine Mirbaha, Judy King, Steve Krevisky, Fary Sami
S113 It's Not Your Father's Primes … It's Yours … Create Your Own! Frank Weidenfeller
S114 Learning at Scale: Using Research to Improve Learning in Math Maria Andersen
S115 Sampling Variability — Early and Often Roxy Peck
S116 Using Data to Improve a College Math Curriculum and Equity Jack Rotman
S117 Collaborative Opportunities for an Academic Resource Center Abby Allen Noble, Megan Salter
S118 Developing a Growth Mindset in Your Students Trisha Danielle Unten
S119 Faculty Math League Steven Blasberg, Steven Hundert
S120 AMATYC IMPACT: Understanding ProwEss - Engagement Evan Evans, April Strom, Chris L. Yuen
S121 Prime Time Excitement! Creating and Implementing an ORM Course Wendy Carden
S122 Flip + Tutoring + Facebook = Success Eddie Tchertchian, Bob Martinez
S123 Calculus C_ur_e or Calculus C_urse? Luke Walsh
S124 Challenging Calculus Students with True/False Questions Stephanie Garofalo
S125 Rethinking Placement and Remediation to Maximize Success and Equity Myra Snell
S126 A Spiritual Side to Mathematics? Pat McKeague
S127 Using Assessment to Motivate Learning Statistical Reasoning Concepts Christine Franklin, Tim Jacobbe
S128 Creating Accessible Digital Course Content Sonia Ford, Kyle Kundomal, Lori Thomas
S129 Prime Problems Facing Adjuncts Today Judy King
S130 A Primitive Pythagorean Triple Aminul KM
S131 Learning to Learn in Developmental Mathematics Wade Ellis, Dan Apple
S132 So You Want to Build A Data Science Program Mary E Rudis
S133 AMATYC IMPACT: Understanding ProweSS – The Battle for Student Success Julie Phelps, Karen Gaines
S134 All-Google, All-Mobile, All-For-Education Leslie Johnson, Lea Rosenberry, Carol Hannahs
S135 Using Colors to Enhance the Teaching of Mathematics Don Ransford
S136 Teaching Calculus in the Twenty-First Century Robert Cappetta
S137 Forty-Five Years of Dev Math in Fifty Minutes Jack Rotman
S138 Teaching the Logic and Scope of Statistical Inference Allan Rossman, Beth Chance
S139 Creating Islamic Art with Euclidean Geometry Laura VanDeKop
S140 2015 CBMS Survey of Undergraduate Programs Richelle (Rikki) Blair
S141 Training and Supporting Adjunct Faculty in a QR Scale-Up Aaron Altose
S142 Weave a Web: Soft Skills Taught in a Precalculus Corequisite Course Johanna Debrecht
S143 Addressing Math Anxiety: Research Findings and Classroom Practices Linda Zientek, Paul Nolting
S144 Blending Randomization-Based Approaches and the Central Limit Theorem Matthew Rogala, Helen Burn
S145 Making Transformations of Functions Matthew T. Michaelson
S146 Intermediate MyOpenMath Roy Shahbazian, Krystal Meier, Dahlia Vu, Ben Hager
S147 Developing Writing Skills of Calculus Students Mariko Shimizu
S148 Flipping Your Algebra and Statistics Classrooms George Woodbury
S149 Unthinkable, Mind Blowing Projects in Statistics Barbara Leitherer, Rupa Mitra
S150 Preparing Mathematics Teachers: AMTE's New Standards Randolph Philipp, Raymond LaRochelle
S151 The Use of Peer Role Models to Improve Student Outcomes in Mathematics Katie Bjorkman
S152 Using Elementary Calculus to Reveal Properties of Black Holes Marc Frodyma
S153 Discussing Rigor When Redesigning Introductory Mathematics Courses Rebecca Hartzler, Terese Rainwater, Frank Savina
S154 Exploring the Cubic Formula Mark Omodt, Bruce Bordwell
S155 Math Tutoring Lab: Past, Present, Future Samuel Adam McDonald, Prudence York-Hammons
S156 Professional Development at Scale in the SUNY Math Pathways Network Mary Crawford-Mohat , Andre Freeman , Ann Edwards
S157 Comparison of K-12 Math In the U.S. & Other Regions with Potential Impact Chris L. Yuen, Shane Tang, Myrta Groeneveld, Oiyin Pauline Chow
S158 Integrating Projects in Liberal Arts Math Courses Rebecca Wulf, Kristin Oakes
S159 Analogies, Rhymes, and Jingles, Oh My! Tom Carson
S160 Halving Your Cake Deanna Haunsperger
S161 Got Grades! Janet Teeguarden, Donald Vondrak
S162 Visual Approach to Word Problems Gigi Drent
S163 Linear Functions: New Models for New Times Stefan Baratto, Carol Hannahs
S164 The Harmonic Series for Every Occasion Steve Kifowit
S165 Math Boot Camp - Spend Two Weeks in January and Save a Semester! Andrea Ronaldi, Joshua Grosek, Joseph Bowling
S166 Small Changes Make Big Impacts Brenda Gardner, Mony Kennedy
S167 The Caliri Circles David Caliri
S168 Getting Jiggy with Basic Skills Anne Gloag, Cheryl Vallejo, Becky Stephens, Melissa Wolfson
S169 Math in Prime Time – The Dark History of Mathematics Lisa Feinman, Eliza Lee
S170 Teaching Data Ethics in the Introductory Statistics Classroom Sabrina Ripp
S171 Quadratic Models in Multiple Representations Patrick Kimani
T1 Data Science and the Introductory Statistics Course Julie Hanson
T1A Real Data Is Messy … and Manageable Carl Clark, Beverly Wood
T1B Introductory Data Cleaning and Presentation for Data Science Karen Starin, Andrew Kerr
T1C ASA DataFest: A Data Science Immersion Experience! Robert Gould
T1D Using FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data) in Introductory Statistics Kim McHale
T1E Visualize This! Using R in Introductory Statistics Courses Mary Rudis
T1F Developing a Two-Year College Data Science Certificate Program Brian Kotz
T2 Engaging Future Teachers with Concepts of Rational Numbers Andy Jones
T2A Analyzing Pre-Service Teachers’ Thinking About Proportionality April Strom
T2B Modeling Fractions Using Manipulatives Jake McIntyre
T2C A Math/Music Bridge with Fractions Cheryl Ooten
T2D Vocabulary and Language Functions When Teaching Rational Numbers Amber Rust
T2E Rational Reasoning Cynthia Griffin Ediger
T2F Egyptian Fractions Laura VanDeKop
W01 Prime Time for Coding: Using a Research Tool to Reflect on Teaching Laura Watkins, Patrick Kimani, April Strom, Irene Duranczyk
Y1 Exploring Teaching and Learning in College Mathematics Jacqueline Dewar
Y2 Embarking on Inquiry in Your Classroom Ann Sitomer, Jacqueline Dewar
Y3 Moving from Reflective Teaching to Classroom Inquiry John T. Smith, Megan Breit-Goodwin

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