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2019 Milwaukee Conference Proceedings
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45th AMATYC Annual Conference

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
November 14-17, 2019

Conference Theme:
Great Lake - Great Ideas!


Special Sessions and Keynote Presentations
Opening Session and "Mathematics for Human Flourishing"
Francis Su
"The Equity Equation: Closing the Gap in Today's Math Classrooms" John Urschel  
Saturday Morning Session and "A Dozen Proofs that 1 Equals 2: A Misguided Review of Mathematics"
James Tanton



Ignite Presentations
PowerPoint Slides Part 1
PowerPoint Slides Part 2


Regional Lunch Presentations
Midwest Region


 Regular Sessions
Session Title Presenter(s)
Q1 Chairs' Colloquium Christine Mirbaha, Sean Simpson
S001 AMATYC 101 - Walk and Learn in a New Format Jon Oaks, Sarah Pauley, Michael Pemberton
S002 Teach Your Students How To Be Students: Scaffold Everything! Amy Hatfield, Jessica Lickeri
S003 Infinitesimals: Cool Again? Anne Magnuson, Cathey Jordan
S004 Author! Author! Johanna Debrecht, George Alexander, Tony Piccolino
S005 Interaction Is Key: Promoting Student Engagement in Online Courses Lori Ogden, Mary Beth Angeline
S006 Develop Grit & Growth Mindset in ANY Course (IMPACT: Student Success) Sherri Messersmith, Nathalie Vega-Rhodes
S007 Teaching Honors Calculus via Simulcast Turned Out to be a Great Idea Todd Hendricks, Stephanie Garofalo
S008 Taking Mathematics for Teacher Prep Courses Online Cynthia Griffin Ediger
S009 Teaching and Learning Practices for Equitable Math Student Success Ralf Youtz
S010 Great Recipes: Creating Corequisite Contemporary Math from Scratch Jennifer Ackerman
S011 Using Real Population Data to Illustrate Difficult Statistical Concepts Michael Sullivan
S012 Making Competency-Based Education in Developmental Mathematics Great! Rachel Marcial, Brenda Gardner, Deena Bain
S013 Corequisite Cohort Pathway to Statistics Success Ben King
S014 AMATYC's Journey to Mars John Pazdar, Patricia Hirschy, Dennis Ebersole, Karen Gaines
S015 Who Is a Great Leader? You Are! Christine Mirbaha
S016 How SI/T(ing) Helps Your Students Rise Kyle Kundomal, Leah Beck
S017 Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Big Ideas in Mathematics Sean Saunders
S018A AMATYC Traveling Workshops ~ BINGO Mari Menard
S018B Using Social Media Apps to Improve Ownership and Engagement Kim McHale
S019A Mathematics Education for Pre-Service Elementary Teachers in Shanghai Hong Yuan
S019B The Legacy of New Math Melissa A. Scranton
S020A On the Use of Reflective Writing Assignments Anurag Katyal
S020B Mathematics Anxiety: What Is It? Who Has It? What Can Be Done? Luis M. Fernandez, Xiaohui Wang
S021A Post Once, Reply Twice?! Avoiding Pitfalls of Online Math Discussions Brad Thompson
S021B Create Dynamic Content Using GeoGebra Hong Du
S022A Teaching Math with Virtual Manipulatives: A Collaborative Journey Frank Marfai
S022B Innovative Classroom Activities with Marbleslides for Precalculus Hieu Do
S023A Teaching Introductory Statistics Using Active Learning Strategies Vinodh Kumar Chellamuthu
S023B Weighting Survey Data - How It's Done, and the Design Effect Joel LaLone
S024A Algebraic Reasoning: A Model Approach Tim Chappell
S024B Learning How to Learn Mathematics in a Rapidly Changing Future World Alexander Atwood
S025A Using Manipulatives to Engage in College Math Topics Meghan E. VanderMale
S025B Proficiency With Order of Operations – Not Just for Beginning Algebra Kari Arnoldsen, Diane Hill
S026A The M&Ms of Math: A Research-Based Approach to Math Study Skills Laura Seeman, Sally Yakel
S026B Homework Journals: Monitor the Mathematics and Teach Study Strategies Liz Hylton
S027A Math Pathways: The Intersection of Policy and Practice Rachel Bates
S027B Mathematics as a Piece of the General Education Assessment Puzzle Laura Iossi
S028A Spherical Excess in Antarctica Dale Johanson
S028B Math Rocks in Competition Climbing! Kirsten K. Meymaris
S029A Incorporating Team-Based Learning in General Education Math Courses Laura Buch
S029B Rethinking Developmental Mathematics Scott Spaniol
S030 Assessing Gen Ed Goals and Course Objectives Using a Binary Rubric John Nedel
S031 "Break Out" of the Ordinary (A Great Idea to Enhance Your Teaching) Katharine Sims-Drew
S032 Using Faculty Collaboration to Design and Improve Corequisite Courses Krista Cohlmia, Sonia Ford, Lori Thomas
S033 Designing Inquiry-Based Learning Modules in Precalculus Jae Ki Lee, Liana Erstenyuk, Sun Young Ban
S034 A Buffet of Tasks for Elementary Math Content Courses Jaclyn Murawska, Keith Nabb
S035 IMPACT and IMPACT Live! – What It Can Do for You! Evan Evans, Julie Phelps
S036 How Mathematics Is Making Hollywood Movies Better Michael Dorff
S037 The German Mathematical Impact: Leibniz, Gauss, and Beyond David Price, Elise Price
S038 Developmental Mathematics 3.0 Allan Drach, Brandie Biddy, Anne E. Edlin, Barbara Morton
S039 Facilitating Difficult Conversations with Faculty: Focus on Equity Benjamin Aschenbrenner
S040 Grit and Growth Mindset: The Foundations to Success in Mathematics Jessica Bernards, Wendy Fresh
S041 Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles: International Edition Shane Tang, Chris Yuen, Myrta Groeneveld, Oiyin Pauline Chow
S042 See How to Survive a Wide-Scale Shift to Open Ed Resources for Math! Brenda Gardner, William McNeary, Abderrazak Belkharraz Idrissi, Matthew Simmons
S043 Analyzing and Redesigning Tasks to Promote Statistical Inference Asli Mutlu
S044 Swim, Don’t Sink! Wake Tech’s Maiden Voyage on the USS Corequisite Cathey Jordan, Anne Magnuson, David Cooper
S045 Directed Applet Engagement as Daily Preparation for Flipped Courses Chris Oehrlein
S046 Affiliate Sharing Session Liz Hylton, Michael Pemberton
S047 The History of Logs (Not Trees!) Eric Hutchinson, Aminul KM
S048 The Entire Department Went Coreq: Learn from These Adventures! Rob Eby, Heather Albrecht, Aimee Nguyen, Abby Baumgardner
S049 Promoting PROWESS: Four Pillars of Inquiry-Based Mathematics Education Sandra Laursen
S050 Rigor in the First Two Years: Implications for Math Departments Uri Treisman, David Bressoud, Roxy Peck, Alycia Marshall
S051 Hitting the Mark: Organization for Optimal Outcomes Sarah E. Miller
S052 Students Teaching Students: Fun Group Activities and Creative Projects Mark Colgan
S053 The Equity Equation: Closing the Gap in Today’s Math Classrooms John Urschel
S054 Great Strides in Digital Learning: Design to Implementation Lewis Hosie, Mel Taylor
S055 Aha Moments: Engagement and Exploration in Online Math Maria H. Andersen
S056 Classroom Activities That Develop Statistical Thinking - Part 1 Roxy Peck
S057 Apollo Memories - More of Them (Missions 7 through 13) William G. "Bill" Weppner
S058 Attention Science and the Importance of Active Learning Dave Sobecki
S059 Revisiting an Interdisciplinary Course Linking Algebra and Chemistry Megumi Onoda, Brian Murphy, Amy Kabrhel
S060 Grant Series: Collaborating with AMATYC on a Grant Megan Breit-Goodwin, Julie Phelps, John Pazdar
S061 PreTeXt and ORCCA: Open Software for OER Production and One Example Alex Jordan, Cara Lee
S062 Using Life Coaching Skills with Math Students Amber Rust, Mike Long, Nancy Chell, Abigail Brackins
S063 Fibonacci Numbers Are Fascinating, and That's No Fib! George Soliman
S064 Classroom Activities That Develop Statistical Thinking - Part 2 Roxy Peck
S065 Apollo Memories - Even More of Them (Missions 7 through 13) William G. "Bill" Weppner
S066 MAC – Great Committee – Great Ideas! Carol Hannahs, Stefan Baratto
S067 Great Assessments for Great Quantitative Reasoning Classes Aaron Altose
S068 Creating Equity for Students Through Teacher Collaboration Mona Toncheff
S069 Beyond the Textbook for Prospective Teachers Kinga Oliver, Valerie Cope
S070 Great Study Ideas for Mathematics Angie Schirck-Matthews
S071 Developmental Math Redesign: Corequisite Models Created by Faculty AJ Stachelek, Rebecca Walker, Nadia Benakli
S072 Research, Policy, & Practice: Lessons from Florida Mathematics Reform Julie Phelps, Tommy Minton, Carrie Henderson, Cynthia McGinnis
S073 Making Students as Smart as Their Phones & Fixing Their Common Errors Alan Zollman
S074 Great Documents, Great Accessibility!! Scott Saunders
S075 The Future of Statistics Marty Triola
S076 Connecting Across Representations in Algebra Instruction Dexter Lim, Saba Gerami
S077 Modernizing Math Placement Policies for Equitable Access and Outcomes Kristina Flores
S078 Connecting the Dots in Mathematics for Teachers Courses Judy Werner
S079 Start Talking Math: Low Entry, High Impact Discussion Kick-Starters Barbie Hoag
S080 Mentoring Your Adjunct Faculty: It’s More Than Just a Great Idea Sabrina Ripp, Lisa Feinman
S081 Create a Course by Moving Backwards from Your Learning Outcomes Leah Rineck, Hayley Nathan
S082 Accelerated Math Literacy Pathway via Academic I-BEST Christopher Cary
S083 BOGGLED Precalculus Jennifer Johnson
S084 Great Lakes, Great Engaged Baseball Team in Milwaukee! Steve Krevisky
S085 Panel Discussion: Perspectives on Key Equity Issues and Practices Denise Lujan, Trena L. Wilkerson, Linda Fulmore, Mike Steele
S086A Math Applications Not Past Their "Use By" Date Maria H. Andersen
S086B AMATYC Traveling Workshops ~ BINGO - Encore Mari Menard
S087A Why and How of "MyOpenMath" Tanvir Prince
S087B Data Moves: Engaging Students with Real Data Robert Gould
S088A Personality Types in Mathematical Sciences Zarqa Bano
S088B Brief Survey of Arabic Mathematicians from 850-1498 Siham Alfred
S089A Mentoring Instructors: An Essential Component of Program Redesign Kelly Kohlmetz
S089B On Fermat’s and Pascal’s Letters and the Birth of Probability Theory Andrzej Lenard
S090 Great Ideas - Great Impressions to Start Your Course Cindy Moore, Tammy Sullivan
S091 Quantitative Reasoning: A Corequisite Team-Taught Approach Erik Brown, Sara Main
S092 AMATYC Grant Series: NSF Grants 101 Sandra Richardson, Thomas B. Higgins
S093 Mindfulness for Mathematics Leadership John Mitchell
S094 Motivating Developmental Mathematics Through Collaborative Learning Jillian Miller
S095 Is College Algebra Really a Thing? Brian A. Mercer
S096 Triggers for Your “How-To” Manuals Katie Mullins, Elizabeth King, Michael McKenna
S097A An Alternative to Integration by Partial Fractions Yusuf Gurtas
S097B Who Really Takes Precalculus, Anyhow? Sylvia Sorkin, Celeste Schott
S098 Statistics - Then and Now George Woodbury
S099 Improving Reading Skills of Developmental Mathematics Students Diana Hestwood, Linda Russell
S100 Attention Science and the Importance of Active Learning - ENCORE Dave Sobecki
S101 Shortening the Pipe and Fixing the Leaks on the Algebra Track Kevin Hulke
S102 Teaching Quantitative Reasoning Using a Project Approach Synde Kraus
S103 Students Ask, “Where Am I Ever Going To Use This?" Alvina J. Atkinson, Sharron Jenkins
S104 Practical Algebra – Meaningful Mathematics Pathways at Kellogg CC Graham Smith
S105 AMATYC Grant Series: NSF Grants 201 Sandra Richardson, Thomas B. Higgins
S106 Why Isn’t the Square Root Algorithm Taught Today? Maybe It Should Be… Scott Adamson
S107 Secrets of Mental Math: Look Like a Genius Without Really Trying Vincent LoCascio
S108 Laws, Mandates, and Reforms: Navigating Change in Developmental Math Kathleen Almy
S109 Faculty Math League Steven Blasberg, Steven Hundert
S110 Student Says, "I Understood in Class, But When I Got Home..." Myung Pinner, Beth Kelch
S111 Promoting Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Student Success in Mathematics Matthew Simmons, Kimberly Fahlgren
S112 Content, Pedagogy, Field: New Partnerships Across the 6 – 16 Continuum Mike Steele
S113 Is Frustration Encouraging Your Students to Quit? Peg Hohensee
S114 Pre-College Sequence Redesign: Shorten, Split, and Rethink the Path Kate Cook
S115 Making an IMPACT Through Student Engagement Nancy Sattler
S116 Great Strides in Digital Learning: Design to Implementation Lewis Hosie, Mel Taylor
S117 Effects of Growth Mindset and Metacognition Interventions in Calculus Rachel Chaphalkar, Geetha Samaranayake, Wesley Hough, Jake Krueger
S118 Creating Quantitative Reasoning Problems - The Sequel Pat Riley, Sherry McCormack, Arthur Schultz
S119 The Statistics of Pop Culture: Predicting Oscar Winners Jaimie Stone
S120 Designing a Great Corequisite Course Rebecca Wulf, Kristin Oakes
S121 That’s Not in the Class Notes! Brandy Englert
S122 Programming Labs & Applications in Calculus and Differential Equations Johanna Debrecht
S123 MAA Mathematics Competition Problems for College Students Scott Annin
S124 Data Science Unplugged and Unpacked Cynthia McGinnis, Helen Burn
S125 Great Apps for Your Tech Toolbox Julie Gunkelman
S126 Literacy in Developmental Math and Quantitative Literacy Lindsey Gerber, Debra Ward
S127 Doing Statistics with "Cheesy" Goldfish Frank Monterisi, Lisa Sterrett
S128 Evolving Math Pathways: Early Lessons from Forging Connections to K-12 Michelle L. Younker
S129 Engaging Your Students with Sports Rankings Using Matrices Patrick Wilcher
S130 You Make an Impact: Mathematics Teachers’ Influence on Attitudes Barbara Johnson
S131 Trig Functions: Will You See This Again? Apps For Today Stefan Baratto, Ward Shaffer, Carol Hannahs
S132 Math Self-Efficacy and Anxiety: Research and Classroom Solutions Linda Zientek, Paul Nolting
S133 Precalculus: What Do Students Really Need to Know? Bob Cappetta
S134 Implementing a Data Science Program at a Tribal Community College Alfonso Heras Llanos, Eva Rivera Lebron
S135 Composition: It’s a Factor so Come to Terms with It! Kari Anderson, Bruce Bordwell, Amber Delliger
S136 Moving from Dev Ed to Coreqs and Increasing College-Level Completion James Morski
S137 Making an IMPACT on Students in Mathematics Ryan Kasha, Sidra Van De Car, Julie Phelps
S138 Using Desmos to Enhance Instruction & Engage Students Steven Tuckey, Alana Tuckey
S139 Teaching Introductory Statistics: Ask Good Questions Allan Rossman
S140 Building Bridges: A Collaboration Between Math and Nursing Faculty Daniel Ozimek, Lindsay Good, Gayle Watson, Anna Wendel
S141 From 0 to 100, or How Collaboration & a State Bill Result in Redesign! Edouard Tchertchian, Sam Pearsall
S142 In-Class Activities Designed to Engage Your Calculus Students Dan Clegg
S143 Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching Supports Mathematical Flexibility Patrick Mathuku Kimani, Laura Watkins, Dexter Lim, Irene Duranczyk
S144 Free Textbooks and Resources for You and Your Students Ruth Trygstad, Spencer Bartholomew, Shawna Haider
S145 Fun with Feynman and Weierstrass! Seth McElvaney, Tom Aydlett
S146 Where Did All the Developmental Faculty Go? Logan Maxwell, Dayna Ford
S147 C4ALL - Creating a Culture for Course Completion Mary Anne Schlieper, Julia H. Smith
S148 Building Technical Mathematics Pathways Kristin Montgomery, Jennifer Dragoo
S149 How to Share Your Great Ideas in an AMATYC Webinar! Patrick Riley
S150 A Great Cola Challenge Taste Test! Amber Severson, Erin Richgels, Glen Richgels
S151 Designing or Enhancing an Effective Corequisite Program Jay Lehmann
S152 Curiosity and Motivation in an Online Quantitative Literacy Course Amy Barnsley
S153 Break Out! Online Escape Rooms Using Google Forms Tami Tacker, Lea Rosenberry
S154 Is It Magic? No. It's Mathematics! Terry Krieger
S155 Let's Improve the STEM Math Pathway Helen E. Burn
S156 Asset Perspective on Co-Curricular Experiences: Students’ Reflections Jose Maria Menendez, Guadalupe Lozano
S157 Outdoor Math Activities to Connect to the World and Each Other Meg Moss
S158 Great Ideas – Adjunct Sharing Session Judy King
S159 Relating Great Ideas in Discrete Math with Problem Solving and Proof Carol Howald, Mike Long
S160 Great Ideas: Using POGIL to Elevate Student Learning Sarah Sexton
S161 Addressing Social Justice in Classrooms Through Context and Adaptation John Kellermeier, Earle Crosswait, Dan Ray
S162 Calming Your Students’ Brewing Math Anxiety Laura Iossi
S163 (Re)discovering Calculus through Modeling and Pasta Gary Simundza
S164 Recognize & Handle Impact of Microaggression & Cultural Insensitivity Payal Roy
S165 Productive Struggle in Polynomial and Transcendental Functions Aaron Harris, James Lee
S166 An Introductory Cryptology Class for Both Math and Non-Math Majors Jennifer Bready
T1 Engaging Introductory Statistics Students with Real Data Julie Hanson
T1A The 4 C’s: Communicate, Collaborate, Create, Critically Think w/Data Rebecca Wong
T1B Hands-On Online Real-Life Data Collection Kirsten K. Meymaris, Michael Heeren
T1C Putting It All Together: A Comprehensive Final Project Timothy Glatzer
T1D Real Data + Analysis = Engagement Dave Usinski
T1E Collecting Data from Students to Improve Introductory Statistics Grace Nasnas
T1F Fostering Student Collaboration Using Globalized Data Amanda Klinger
T2 Global Learning in Mathematics Steve Krevisky
T2A Learning Diversity: Examples from a Global Classroom Wendi Morrison
T2B Islamic Art and Geometric Design Clarence Baney
T2C Monumental Mathematics – La Sagrada Familia Jim Roznowski
T2D First Steps to a Service Learning Project with Global Impact Barbara Leitherer
T2E Nature vs. Nurture on Math Ability – An International Perspective Chris Yuen
T2F Global Perspective on Income Inequality – Using Business Calculus Rehana Yusaf
T3 A Non-Empty Set of Intensive Mathematics Presentations Bob Cappetta
T3A Who Says Math Has to Be Done in Order?! Stephanie Garofalo
T3B Paper, Pipe-Cleaners, and Polynomials, OH MY! Tricia Van Brunt, Julia Smith
T3C Moving to Student-Centered Teaching in Calculus Matthew Lee
T3D Hergert Numbers Rodger Hergert
T3E The “Equals Sign” in Calculus Chris Cunningham
T3F Differential Equations and Time of Death Mike Caparula
T4 Equity-Minded Mathematics Instruction Dorota Zak
T4A Introduction to Equity, Diversity, and Social Justice in Academia Jennifer Ackerman
T4B Genuine Inclusion: Engaging All Math Students Shane Tang
T4C Humanizing Your Students to Increase Student Success Benjamin Aschenbrenner
T4D Using Equity and Social Justice for Probability Context Carrie Muir
T4E The Impact of Social Assumptions on Assessing Mathematical Knowledge AJ Stachelek
T4F Five Key Instructor Dispositions for Equitable Student Success Ralf Youtz
T5 Engaging Future Teachers with the Concept of Number Sense Mark Kuhlman
T5A Double Number Lines in Proportional Reasoning Keith Nabb
T5B Be the Second Grader: Making Sense of Addition and Subtraction Jaclyn Murawska
T5C Literature to Promote Early Number Sense Abigail Bailey
T5D What Is Number Sense? And How Can It Be Applied at Different Levels? Judy Werner
T5E Inventing the Number System: The Cinconia Project Abigail Brackins
T5F Reversing the Effects of the "Multiplication Mad Minute" Cynthia Griffin Ediger
T6 Math Pathways: Exploring the Present and Envisioning the Future Helen Burn
T6A Impact of Pathways on Developmental Math Redesign Helen Burn
T6B Pathways and Coreqs at Anne Arundel CC Amber H. Rust
T6C Preparing Instructors for a Corequisite Statistics Pathway Michael Sullivan
T6D Taking Statewide Math Pathways from Concept to Campus to Classroom Joyce Walborn
T6E Evolving Math Pathways: Integrating Scaled Pathways Across Your Campus Uri Treisman
T6F Evolving Math Pathways: More Information Uri Treisman
W01 An Interactive Workshop to Improve Your Online Course James Hedges, Joan Romano
W02 Great Ideas to Make Teaching and Learning Fun! Kinga Oliver, Valerie Cope

Chat & Chew
Session Title Presenter(s)
CC01 Corequisite Think Tank Kate Wise
CC02 How Technology Moves the Student Engagement Needle Marcel Prevuznak
CC03 The Equity Equation: Rethinking Developmental Math at Triton College Tuan Dean, Tina Mote
CC04 Accurate Math Placement… and Beyond David Busch
CC05 Navigate the Waves of Change ~ Corequisite & Gateway Courses Mari Menard
CC06 Express Track Mathematics: Great Ideas for the Developmental Classroom Tonia Faulling
CC07 Inside Corequisite Academic Support Classrooms: What Instructors DO! Bonita Tyler
CC08 Corequisite Coaching: Knowledge and Confidence for College Math Success Connie Booker
CC09 Bridge to Success: Supporting Native Students' Transition in Math Eva Rivera Lebron, Alfonso Heras Llanos
CC10 What’s the Great Answer? Online vs. Paper Homework and Assessments Amber Severson, Erin Richgels
CC11 Improving Mathematical Prowess and College Teaching (IMPACT) Live! Julie M. Phelps, Evan Evans
CC12 C4ALL-Creating a Culture for Course Completion Mary Anne Schlieper, Julia H. Smith
CC13 Why You Should Be Seen in Spokane in 2020 Greg O. Cripe, Peter Wildman
CC14 High-Tech and Low-Tech Ways to Engage Online Students Dona Boccio
CC15 It's a Great Idea to Support Your Affiliate! Judy Williams
CC16 Great Questions for a Great Day One Luke Walsh
CC17 Great Ideas for YOUR AMATYC Conference Turi Suski
CC18 Lincoln and Mandela, Words and Anchors: Random Sampling and Assignment Allan Rossman
CC19 ASA Data Science at Two-Year Colleges Summit Brad Thompson, Rob Gould
CC20 Challenges of Teaching Calculus Bob Cappetta
CC21 Preparing to Set Sail in Precalculus Michael Pemberton


Chat and Ch

 Research Sessions
Title Presenter(s)
R1 Algebra Instruction@Community Colleges: Research Faculty Perspectives Megan Breit-Goodwin, Nicole Lang, Randy Nichols, Judy Sutor
R2 Infusing Equity in University Transitions: Non-Traditional Outcomes Guadalupe I. Lozano, Jóse María Menéndez
R3 Transparency of Success in Minority-Serving Community Colleges Vilma Mesa, Helen Burn
R4 Digitizing Numeracy: Conceptualization and Field Testing Taras Gula, Miroslav Lovric
R5 Procedural and Conceptual Skills in Algebra—What Is the Relationship? Claire Wladis

 Poster Sessions
Title Presenter(s)
PS01 Students' Participatory Approach in Introductory Math Classes Gangadhar Acharya
PS02 Supplemental Instruction & Tutoring in Corequisite College Algebra Leah Beck
PS03 Supplemental Instruction and Student Impact Jim Bigelow
PS04 Implementing Growth Mindset Activities in Intermediate Algebra Murat Bulut
PS05 Improving Your Teaching Style: A Village Approach Israel Castro
PS06 Does Preparing for Class Improve Student Success? Chantal Cimmiyotti
PS07 Using Backmapping to Create Integrated Reviews for Student Success Charity Combs
PS08 Improving Success in Developmental Math Using Collaborative Assessment Dale Dawes
PS09 Grading Homework Differently: Is Mastery-Graded Homework a Great Idea? Lisa Feinman, Sabrina Ripp
PS10 Learning Attitudes About Mathematics Survey (LAAM Survey) Shawn Firouzian
PS12 Item Response Curve Analysis for Varying Item Level Difficulty Aaron Harris
PS13 Review Mirror: Effectiveness of Reflective Surveys Sarah Horstman
PS14 Improving Student Success in Late-Start Semesters Korena Huneycutt
PS15 Desmos: Manipulative Animation Explorations in Calculus Austin Jones
PS16 Devoting the First Week to Growth Mindset: Training for Long Term Gains David Jones
PS17 Flashcards as a Tool in Studying: Identify, Strategy, Do Elizabeth Jones
PS18 Challenges and Resolutions in Project-Driven Online Statistics Classes Dinesh Kasti
PS19 First Steps to a Service Learning Project with Global Impact Barbara Leitherer
PS20 Implementing Change in an Atmosphere of Academic Freedom Deborah Logan
PS21 A Multimodal View of Student Populations Raphael Mariano
PS22 The Brain and Due Dates and Student Success Vicky Mayfield
PS23 Discovering the Right Method of Instruction Ana Clare Mello
PS24 Using Group Learning Activities to Improve Student Engagement Micah Miller
PS25 Empowering Female Students to Promote the Success of Women in STEM Neeti Mittal
PS26 Accelerated STEM Pathway for Precalculus Revathi Narasimhan
PS27 Student Attitudes in a Mathematical Literacy Course Serine Ndiaye
PS28 Using the Box Method to Divide Polynomials Brooke Outlaw
PS29 Fostering Community in Weekly Online Discussion Groups Nolan Outlaw
PS30 Implementing the NC RISE Corequisite Course Model Ryan Pescosolido, James Hedges
PS31 Implementing Non-Cognitive Activities in the Emporium Model Classroom Celeste Petersen
PS32 STEM Core: Tenacity Gabriel J. Porrata Vallejo
PS33 Removing Barriers to College Success Kara Raymond
PS34 Implementing Mathematics Research for a Second-Year Student Mychael Smith
PS35 Is Homework Inequitable? Other Ways to Build Student Self-Efficacy! Kelly Spoon
PS36 Assessment with a Twist Colleen Stevens
PS38 Improving Math Education for Nurses: Updates of a National Initiative Anna Wendel, Daniel Ozimek
PS39 Transparency in Learning and Teaching (TILT) Sandi Xhumari
PS40 The Effect of Teaching Practices on Mathematics Anxiety in Math Class Sun Young Ban
PS41 Active Calculus as a Supplemental Textbook for Calculus I Juan A. Zuniga Olea
PS42 Finding A Better Way: Teaching Rate of Change Through Word Problems Stacy A. Clark

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